Puppy classes:
Early socializing is one of the most important things we can do for our dogs. This class is for puppies 6 months and under. We do off-leash play and practice coming when called. We also work on basic training and talk about house-training, chewing, jumping up, and other common puppy behaviors. Minimum two vaccination is required to participate.
Basic obedience:
This class is for dogs 7 months and over. We work on coming when called, sit, stay, down, walk on leash, don’t jump on people, don’t dash through doors and more. This is suitable for dogs with little or no training or dogs that need a refresher course. I also try to cover issues specific to each participant when time allows. Combo and Rabies vaccinations required.
Rally Obedience:
This is a very user friendly sport and lots of fun. Almost everyone can participate. I set up a course, and we practice performing each exercise.
In-home consultations:
I’m available to come to a location of your choice for individual coaching. Sometimes dogs display behaviors that aren't  possible to cover in a group class, or it’s just more convenient to have me come to your home. Does your dog scare the mailman? Lunge and bark at other dogs? I use dog and people friendly training methods.